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Human wellbeing and economic growth grow hand in hand with well protected environment and natural resources. The global ecosystem normalizes the atmosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere forming a unique and cost-effective buffer controlling extreme weather and climate change. With the advancing days on calendar, the risks of climate change shoot-up a peak. Climate change is already alaming and is observed with reduced yields, frequent weather events that marks a prominent part on crops and livestock.

"Water" the base of life, center of economic and social development is searching its identity, lost by human greediness and poor management criteria. This hits the globe and makes it mandatory to conserve the available drop of water. The current scenario explicit the global truth, that many people spend their whole day in search of water which might convert to a dream for future generation.

This global truth laid the foundation for Tamil Nadu Irrigated Agriculture Modernization Project (TNIAMP) with the objective of enhancing productivity and climate resilience of irrigated agriculture, improving water management and increasing value-addition for farmers and agro entrepreneurs in selected sub basins of Tamil Nadu."

Tamil Nadu Government with the Eagle's vision adhered the safeguard policies to protect and secure the drowning environment.The environmental and social safeguard policies designed were handpicked to avoid, mitigate or minimize adverse environmental and social impacts. Accordingly environmental and social assessment is conducted during the project preparation inorder to understand the possible environmental and social impacts of the project. Environment and Social Management Framework (ESMFs) is prepared to address the impacts

Grievance Redress Mechanism is an essential component of any project administration which will be a continuous, transparent and participatory process that would be an integral part of the project's accountability and governance agenda addressing and redressing project related grievances.

Gender mainstreaming also holds a marking position with TNIAMP addressing through identifying the gaps between men and women both in water management practices and agriculture ensuring equal participation and benefit sharing of the project.


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