What it is…….
  • Managing the changes

  • Preparing ourselves to face the challenges

Why it is…….
  • To elevate from the stage of Service “Provider” to “Partner”

  • To survive & withstand in this competitive world

So far happened…….
  • One Day Workshop held in May ’07 At MDPU 62 officers participated

  • 51st level Workshops were conducted so far 161 officers participated

  • 2 Vision (second level) Workshops were conducted 45 officers participated

  • In all 1st level workshops, participants were encouraged to voluntarily undertake a project of 45 to 60 days duration.

Some of the projects / commitments
  • Shower bath will be avoided (myself & my family). Will use one bucket of water for taking bath. Minimize the water use in flush outs. Re use the water used for washing clothes and flush outs In my land (Mr. Z - Er. Degaleesan, SE)

    Mr. Z shared that he keeps up his commitment

  • In May 2007, I committed myself to plant 6000 trees in my life time. Out of that, I planted 300 trees before August 18th 2007 and maintain it. In continuance, I will plant 700 trees within October 2007. (Theiva – Theivandran, SE)

    Mr. Theiva has planted 1200 No. of plants so far.

  • I will plant 150 trees and make necessary arrangements to maintain the same also (Annan – Sivaguru AEE)

    Mr. Annan brought an album of his planting activities which was shown to the higher ups

  • I will motivate the school children about saving of water. (Kalai – Kalaiyarasan AE)

    Mr. Kalai informed that pamphlets were printed and distributed among students, farmers etc.

Highlights of Vision workshop held from 10th to 12th December ‘07
  • AED should have a broad vision

  • We should regain the confidence of the Farmers and the Past Glory

  • We are in the noble cause of saving the water for future generation

  • A new activity “Watershed and Agri. Resources Re-engineering And Management” “WARRAM” was born.
WARRAM is…. WARRAM is not…
ensuring partnership with farmers a project with target mode
Focus on conservation of soil & water an additional scheme
Objective oriented A budget oriented

AED Vision Statements
  1. Conservation & development of all natural resources.

  2. Ensuring participatory management at all levels.

  3. Assured sustainable agriculture and food security.

  4. Ensuring green cover for ecological harmony

  5. Revival of soil conservation pratices and water bodies.

  6. Recycling and reuse of waste water.

  7. Promoting community farming for empowerment of farmers.

  8. Harnessing renewable energy resource.

  9. Safe environment by reduced carbon emission.

Institutionalization of WARRAM:

At Field level
  1. Selection of Village Panchayat / Watershed – one per sub division

  2. Baseline survey

  3. Informal appraisal with the opinion makers

  4. Formation of Interested Groups

  5. Wall paintings depicting “vision statements” at vulnerable points

  6. Listing of activities and prioritisation

  7. Identify the stakeholders for taking up the activities

  8. WARRAM Plan

  9. Implementation

  10. Success Review

  11. Documentation
At Office level
  1. Dissemination to other Engineers

    • District / Regional level meeting

    • Awareness creation & motivating untrained Engineers

  2. Our Vision – Posters in all offices

  3. Appraisal during all review meetings

  4. Collation of activities at district level

  5. Success registration & documentation

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