• Popularization of Commercial horticulture techniques for enhanced revenue

  • Precision farming in vegetable crops

  • Increasing the farm income through commercial floriculture

  • Tremendous potential for Export of exotic Horticultural Products especially fruits, flowers and vegetables.

  • Development of plantation and Horticulture Sector is the propensity of increasing the income levels of the farmers also in rainfed tanks besides system tanks by adopting diversification.

  • Being perishable commodities needs effective infrastructure support in the areas of production, processing, storage, transportation and marketing.

  • Induce private investments in the processing for many higher value products.

  • Generate new rural non-farm employment opportunities.

  • Contribute to higher incomes to the rural poor.

  • With the help of Water Users Associations (WUAs) small Farmers’ Horticultural Estates can be promoted.

  • Nursery villages for quality planting material, High density plantation etc.

  • Promotion of contract farming and prepare the farmers for market-led Horticulture.

  • Capacity building of farmers and personnel.

  • Promote through technological and credit empowerment.

  • Seed production, Tissue culture propagation, Production of compost, vermiculture, Bio-fertilizers, Bio-pesticides.

  • E-commerce.

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