Water Users Associations under IAMWARM Project

     Participatory Irrigation Management has been accepted as a guiding principle for irrigation water governance in the country. Accordingly, all the states have been promoting farmer’s involvement in the management of irrigation utilities and their operation and maintenance. The Tamilnadu Government has enacted the Tamilnadu Farmers Management of Irrigation Systems Act 2000 in 2001.

     Accordingly under TN IAMWARM Project, Water User’s Associations have been, created as per the provisions of the above act and rules.

     In the first and second phases of the TN IAMWARM Project in 25 sub-basins, out of 1333 WUAs delineated 1324 Presidents have so far been elected in as many as 17 districts. There are 3016 Territorial Constituencies delineated out of which, 2825 T.C. Members have been selected so far. During the third phase of the implementation of the project in 30 sub-basins 1028 WUAs have been delineated and 1020 Presidents and 4417 T.C. members have been elected so far.

     Thus, in all the 55 sub-basins out of 2361 WUAs delineated 2344 Presidents and out of 10810 TCs delineated, 10448 T.C. members have been elected in 23 Districts.

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