Project Components

The specific components of the project include:

Component A: Irrigation systems modernisation in a sub-basin framework (Base cost Rs.1273 crore)

This component seeks to improve bulk water delivery to irrigation system through modernisation of irrigation systems and service delivery and management in schemes in about 63 selected project sub-basins. Activities will be carried out under two sub-components:

Sub-component A1: Tank System Modernisation

This sub-component will focus on reviving traditional water bodies (tanks) that are an integral part of most irrigation systems networks in the state. Special effort will be made to consider tanks in a multi-disciplinary, holistic framework to yield sustainable benefits to the farmers of such systems.

Sub-component A2: Other Irrigation Systems Modernisation

This sub-component will focus on the few sub-basins where tanks are not part of the larger canal irrigated systems (PAP). These irrigation systems will also be modernized in a shared-vision sub-basin perspective.

Component B: Agricultural Intensification and Diversification (Base cost Rs. 748 crore)

This component seeks to build on the improved bulk water delivery of component A to increase the productivity of agriculture-related activities through improved agricultural intensification and diversification in about 63 selected sub-basins. This component will also be implemented as two sub components:

Sub-component B1: Tank Systems

This sub component will focus on intensification and diversification of tank-dependent ayacuts.

Sub-component B2: Other Systems

This sub-component will focus on the intensification and diversification of the larger canal-irrigated systems.

Component C: Institutional Modernisation for Irrigated Agriculture (Base cost Rs. 237 crore)

This component seeks to improve the institutional capacity for modern, efficient, and accountable irrigation service delivery. The scope of this activity is state-wide.

These activities will be implemented through the WRO and the WUAs. The activities are expected to substantially scale-up the institutional capacity at the WRO to design, monitor, maintain and modernize their assets in an environmentally and socially sustainable manner using appropriate state-of-art techniques, and to more effectively interact with much stronger WUAs.

Component D: Water Resources Management (Base cost Rs. 22.50 crore)

The objective of this component is to improve the institutional arrangements and capacity for sustainable water resources management in the State. This will include the creation of a State Water Resources Management Agency (SWaRMA), amalgamating the existing Institute for Water Studies and the State Ground and Surface Water Resources Data Centre.

These activities are to be implemented by the SWaRMA (and its predecessor institutions till this is formed), the WRO, and Basin Boards. These investments should make Tamilnadu one of the best examples of operationalising modern sustainable Water Resources Planning and Management concept in a basin framework in India.

Component E: Project Management Support (Base cost Rs. 37.50 crore)

This component will support the management and coordination efforts related to this project.

This component will be implemented by the Multi-Disciplinary Project Unit (MDPU). It is expected that the project activities would help MDPU improve its challenging institutional coordination function, remain on top of the status of project activities, and undertake corrective measures as required.


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